SWF Series

Standard Spring Balancers

SWF series balancers are now fully enclosed & are provisioned with a body liner to prevent damage to body.

Capacity 1.1 lbs to 440.8 lbs 0.5 kg to 200.0 kg
Travel 3.28 ft to 8.20 ft 1.0 m to 2.5 m
  • Closed body and cover: Prevents industrial accident by preventing ingress of fingers inside the assembly.
  • Body Liner: To prevent the wear of body by wire rope. Increases life of the balancer.
  • Vertical axis Spring adjustment: This will facilitate adjustment of spring tension from ground level.
  • Containerised Spring assembly: Concealed containers are easy in handling during maintenance and replacement of springs.
  • Wire rope replacement without dismantling: A slot on balancer facilitates removal and installation of wire rope without disassembly of balancer. This facility is not available for long range balancer.
  • Pressure die casting: Parts are manufactured through pressure die hence there is consistency in surface finish and total interchangeability of spares. Facilitates large batch production hence reduced delivery period.
  • Safety lock pin: Locks drum pulley in the event of spring failure and thus prevents the fall of costly equipment & injury to the operator from falling load.
  • Forged top hook: Permits 360 degree swivel of balancer.
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