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Spring Balancers, Load Balancer & Tool Balancer

of Spring Balancers (Load Balancers / Tool Balancers)

Portable Hand Tools, Welder Guns, Spray guns, Short Blast Guns, Drifting Attachments in mines and Quaries, Jute and synthetic bag closing machines, Gauges, Jigs and Fixtures, Pendant Station, Switch Button of Hoists, incase of de-oxidation, water washing of plating work with raising and lowering of work etc.

Design of Load Balancer

POWERMASTER Overhead Spring Balancers are specially designed to free the operator from weight of the hand tools. When properly balanced by adjusting spring tension, the load balancing tools become almost weightless in the hands of the operator, and can be moved up and down with very little effort.

Safety Features of Load Balancers

Prior to the safety initiatives and modifications undertaken by Powermaster older design Spring Balancers had only limited safety provisions, due to which these older type Spring Balancers were prone to operational hazards and industrial accidents leading tohuge compensations.
Powermaster has introduced several safety features into our new designed Spring Balancers while retaining all the existing safety features.
Powermaster Load Balancers have thus become more user friendly, eliminating chances of accidents.

    Exclusive Safety Features of Load Balancers Introduced:
  1. Load BalancerENCLOSED BODY
    Spring Balancers from other suppliers are supplied with opening both in Body & Cover causing accidental crunch of operator's fingers between revolving drum and the body of the Spring Balancers. To prevent this, side windows on the body of the load balancing tools and cover have been eliminated. This would prevent industrial accidents.
      live video of load balancer (Windows Media Video - 2.9MB)

    Load BalancersIn the unfortunate event of accidental dislodging of the suspended weight, breakage of bottom hook / wire rope, spring tension will pull back the wire rope, resulting in whiping action likely to hurt personnel around.
    This mechanism of the load balancer will lock the last revolving drum pulley & the wire rope assembly will be stopped with max. 20cm travel. This will prevent the whiping of wire rope assembly & avoided any injury to operator or any personnel around.  
    live video of load balancers (Windows Media Video - 2.8MB)

    In order to prevent wear of the slot of the Spring Balancer body, a split type Nylon liner for wire rope has been introduced in the new design Spring Balancers.
    This liner can be removed and installed on site without any need for dismantling of the wire rope.
    This will prevent wear of the costly body resulting in overall saving and reduced down time of equipment.
    live video (Windows Media Video - 744KB)

    In Spring Balancers from other manufactures the worm gear box for adjustment of Spring Tension worked in the horizontal axis. Gear box position has been rotated through 90 degrees so that spring tension adjustment can be made by working in vertical axis.
    This will facilitate adjustment from ground level without any need to rise up to Spring Balancer hanging level. This reduces down time, facilities easy operation and reduces the chance of any mishap during an operator rising to the level of the balancer.
    live video (Windows Media Video - 1.2MB)

    A small slot has been provided to facilitate removal and Re-installation of the wire rope without any need for dismantling of the Spring Balancers. This will reduce the down time of the equipment. This facility is not available for long range Spring Balancers.
    live video (Windows Media Video - 975KB)

    No longer do you need to handle open springs which are difficult and dangerous to handle with sharp edges. All springs are now supplied in concealed containers for easy replacement. With containerised springs accidents are avoided during maintenance and replacements of springs.
    live video (Windows Media Video - 1.1MB)

Advantages of POWERMASTER Spring Balancer / Load Balancer / Tool Balancer

  • Increases Productivity
    Balancers keep poised for action, minimize motions required to bring tool from rest to work positions.

  • Extends Tool Life
    Balancers eliminate pick-up and lay down wear and prevent damage from dropping.

  • Reduces Operator Fatigue
    Load Balancers make the heaviest tool light as a feather. Operator effort can be directed to controlling the tool rather than supporting.

  • No Need of Power
    There is no need of electrical or mechanical power.

  • Increases Safety
    Balancers keep work area uncluttered to reduce chances of damages of accessories or accidental start up of tools during handling.

  • Effective Use of Space
    The working place being widely utilized, and also to be cleaned up, the production is smoothly carried out.


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