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Parts List & Benefits

  1. Forged Hooks
    Top and bottom hooks have a safety latch to prevent accidentally unhooking of either balancer from top hanger or suspended tool from the balancer. Forged hooks ensure against breakage or bending.

  2. Swivel on Top Hook
    Allows full 360 rotation. Positions balancer for easiest cable flow. Prolongs cable life.

  3. Hanger for Secondary Support Chain
    Upper and lower Hanger are provided for attachment of secondary support chains to provide additional safety and to prevent possibility of Balancer and load falling accidentally.

  4. Manual Safety Lock
    Positively locks rotation of the drum. A must when replacing a cable, changing the load or renewing the spring.

  5. Safety Stop Arm
    Automatically locks the cable, drum and holds the load in place of the main spring fails.

  6. Hardened Worm and Worm Gear Load Adjustment
    Permits exact external balancing of load.

  7. Self-Contained Spring
    Allows cable replacement without disassembly. Spring is retained in a steel collar.

  8. Stranded Steel Cable
    Resists kinking...reduces drum wear...requires no lubrication...outwears plain steel cable.

  9. Shock Absorber and Adjustable Cable Stop
    Limits retraction of cable to any desired point in its travel. Prevents excessive winding of cable on drum.

  10. Tapered Cable Drum
    Assures even tension in cable throughout working range.

  11. Steel Drum Shaft
    Precision made for extra life and added safety.

  12. Gauge Indicator
    Indicates set weight of the spring balancer.

  13. Body Liner
    In order to prevent wear of the slot of the Spring Balancer body, a split type Nylon liner for wire rope has been introduced in the new design Spring Balancers.



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