Products : I-Beam Trolley

I-Beam Trolley

I-Beam trolley has been designed specially to hang SPRING BALANCER in weld shop, Assembly Line for suspending Transformer, Welding Gun and Pneumatic Tools, in Automobile manufacturing Plants.

This I-Beam Trollies are rugged in construction made from High Graded steel Plates and Rollers. Good quality pre lubricated roller bearing makes trolley effortless to move on I-beam. Provisioned with Rubber shockers mounted on side plates prevent collision with other trollies.

Capacity Model
Beam Width Weight
kg mm kg.
500 SIT - 500 50, 75 6.5
250 SIT - 250 75, 125 4.5
70 SIT - 70 50, 75 1.0

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