We have realized that to survive and grow in today’s international market we must produce products equal to or better than the best available in the world, else we should cease from producing them. We also must provide our customers with added values to help us grow and increase our market share worldwide.

We will not attempt to sell a product worldwide if our selling price is more than 30% of the selling price of the leading manufacturer of a similar product. We will use our strengths of having a low cost labour force in India to decide on new products lines. Our Tube Expanding and Tube Cleaning tools are 1/5th the price of similar tools available in other countries.

We will use our price advantage to increase our inventory levels to an extent that higher cost manufacturers would find difficult to match. We will attempt to ship out orders the same day via UPS, FedEX or DHL to our customers worldwide so it reaches them within days of the order. Automated inventory control, ordering systems and our Same Day Shipment program have helped us get on our way.


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